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The Corona Bible Institute exists to:

  • Provide opportunities for intentional Bible study
  • Promote spiritual growth and maturity
  • Protect families from 21st-century challenges
  • Produce church leaders for today and tomorrow

The Corona Bible Institute (CBI) is a certified satellite school of the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas. SIBI was founded in 1962 by Cline Paden with an initial enrollment of six students. In 1993 Mr. Paden passed the torch of leadership to Truitt Adair, the current President of the school. To date, more than 75 classes and 3,000 students have graduated from Sunset (and its satellite and branch schools around the world), which offers both Bachelors and Masters degrees. Our desire is to help people develop good methods of study and to see the value in knowing God’s word.

Every class, presented on DVD and facilitated by a capable Bible teacher, will be motivating, interesting, and fulfilling as we study the greatest book ever written. We will always pray together and provide opportunities for questions and discussion. Three levels of study make it easily accessible even for those with the most demanding schedules.

Why not commit now to growing spiritually and strengthening your family under the shadow of the Bible? Old familiar passages will suddenly have meanings you’ve never discovered. This could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Download our brochure and contact our office for more information and current classes.

There is a $25.00 registration fee for new students enrolling in the Level 2: Certificate or Level 3: Bachelor Degree program.

Level 1: Audit ($20.00)

The student who is interested in studying the Bible without earning any formal credit may simply attend (audit) the courses. There is no requirement to take any exams or complete any assignments. You are required to have a study guide and will want to answer the self-exams at the end of each lesson.

Level 2: Certificate of Biblical Studies ($45.00)

This is for those interested in more in-depth study and training. This level requires the completion of all study guide exercises, memorizing assigned passages, and taking the written exams. A certificate of completion will be presented for each course and, upon completion of the 40 courses, the student will receive the “Intermediate Bible Certificate.”

Level 3: Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies ($100.00)

This level is the most demanding and most rewarding. It involves all the requirements of the second level plus additional assignments such as Scriptures to memorize, readings from the course textbooks, and research, theme, and evaluation papers to write.

*The costs vary with each course and depend on the materials required.

**Fees are subject to change.

Print CBI Brochure

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