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Do you know anyone who has never broken any of the Ten Commandments? Unless you are thinking of Jesus, you probably can't name a person who has kept every one of these foundational laws. Why did God issue these laws for Israel and mankind if they are so difficult to live up to? What relevance do these laws, etched upon ancient tablets, have for us today? For Christians living under the security of God's grace, how does the seemingly rigid and arbitrary nature of the Ten Commandments apply?nnWe'll begin our study with a historical and cultural backdrop of the time the Commandments were given. Successive lessons take an in-depth look at each commandment and encourages us to look at the spirit and overarching purpose of each law rather than the arcane letter of each law. Our final lesson reflects on how Jesus is the culmination of the Ten Commandments, the only person capable of being obedient to all ten laws at all times. This look at Christ's life will solidify our view that a surrendered walk with the perfect Savior is the only way to fully understand the Ten Commandment's relevance to the twenty-first century Christian.
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